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It's now or never!

Are You Ready to Further Unlock The Power in Your Life?

Imagine a life that is filled with freedom, vitality & abundance.

Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated book launch of "Making A Difference"... what we call M.A.D.


We know that the word MAD isn't for everyone... bear with us!

With this inaugural book, our renowned authors - change makers and thought leaders in their own right - will take you on an incredible journey of self-discovery and empowerment - which they are passionately M.A.D. about!


With their profound insights and practical strategies, you will gain the tools and knowledge needed to making a lasting impact in ALL areas of your life.

A Message from
Wendy Corner, Lead Author

Firstly, this is not a self-help book.


The intention behind this book is to keep you going in your pursuit of finding new and better ways of gaining more fulfillment in your relationships, health, wealth, career, business as well as personal growth. To amplify your purpose and intention!


At different times in their lives, our authors dug deep to find an impactful way to make a change, take bold decisions and steps that made all the difference. At times forging a new way.


They now share their roadmap that reveals proven and tested strategies and principles that have helped them change their lives and create a powerful ripple effect in their worlds.

My invitation to you today is to truly leverage this book to stay expansive, curious and playful too in your M.A.D. adventure. 

Join our launch party here to find out more!

Keep Making A Difference!

Wendy Corner

Wendy Corner, Speaker Trainer

CEO & Founder of Your Words Have Power, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Speaker Coach & Speech Therapist


What You Will See In Your Book:

Actionable Strategies: each chapter has steps and guides

Holistic Approach: the topics cover communication, parenting, wealth, masculine and feminine empowerment, mental health, and spiritual aspects of your life for your overall wellbeing.

Inspiring Stories: Ever felt like you are the only one who's going through what you're going through? You may just find another person who's right where you are!

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on 8th AUG

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The People Behind the Stories

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on 8th AUG

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Leah Taylor, UK

As a teacher, I am used to looking at the origin of negative scripts  in many of my pupils, lives, (and in recent years my own). However, having read Wendy’s chapter, I have a greater realisation that whilst knowing negative internal Scripts come from SOMEWHERE ELSE it is

a) useful, but not always necessary to find out where they came from as long as their existence is accepted.

b) important to give equal validity to positive internal scripts to increase (in Wendy’s words) both abundance and freedom in our own lives.


Amy Young, USA

“Thought-provoking and challenging chapters that I've read so far. These writers didn't hold back with answers to questions that I have been pondering over. Will have to re-read!"

Peter Morrisey, Australia

"On Margaret's chapter - What a good read, so many our age grew up with parents that had no idea about work balance it was mostly work work. Our kids I am not sure have it any easier as they have a whole new set of issues to deal with that we did not have to navigate. Life presents challengers.

I have no doubt you will help many more people in the years to come."


on 8th AUG

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on 8th AUG

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